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Water Quality Management

Minimising contamination, optimising consumption, improving performance


SRK Consulting offers an integrated approach to water quality management, tailoring the application of our specialist expertise in hydrology/hydraulics/hydrogeology and chemistry/geochemistry to the particular needs of the domestic/industrial/agricultural facility concerned. Our extensive experience in wet, arid and cold climates enables us to provide cost effective, practical solutions for your project.

Our multi-specialist approach to water quality management involves biologists, chemists and engineers with expertise in a wide range of technologies, approaches and concepts. We begin by ensuring that we understand the system water balance, and the climatic influences on each component. We follow an integrated approach, thereby optimizing water acquisition and reuse, and minimizing pumping/treatment costs. By then matching technology to client needs, we design management and treatment systems best suited to your needs.

We offer a comprehensive service covering auditing, technical investigations, options review, detailed process design, project management, commissioning and operator training. Our aim is to provide a cost-efficient and workable solution, with minimum maintenance burden and negligible risk to production activities.


  • Water quality investigations
  • Water and waste auditing
  • Waste minimization
  • Effluent treatment processes and design
  • Acid rock drainage
  • Water quality modeling
  • Contamination assessment and remediation
  • Mining impacts on ground and surface water
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