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Extractive Metallurgy and Mineral Processing

Optimize production and manage risk with our specialized, worldwide consultants

To maximize a mining project’s economic returns, it is essential to analyse the mineral’s metallurgical characteristics and the available processing options. This should be done at all project stages, from exploration and evaluation through to plant operation, and when planning circuit changes and expansions.

SRK’s experienced metallurgists and processing engineers will help you develop and evaluate metallurgical testwork programs, design flowsheets, optimize operations, and conduct technical studies and due diligence audits. We will also act as technical advisors to support and mentor your operations personnel.

Together with other SRK specialists in geology, geochemistry and mining, we will work closely with you to deliver a process solution tailored to your project’s specific requirements.

SRK's metallurgists and process engineers optimize plant operation to reduce operating costs and improve metal recovery and overall efficiency.
As a mine progresses through its life cycle and the plant feed changes, the plant operation process should be continually reviewed and adjusted to maintain optimum performance. SRK will carefully assess each stage of your process from integration with mining operations through to waste treatment. Using plant benchmarking and simulation...
SRK's metallurgists and mineral processing engineers model mineral extraction processes to ensure maximum recovery.
SRK’s metallurgists and processing engineers reduce risk during all project stages by using geometallurgical modelling to determine deposit variability, evaluate processing options and optimize operational performance. By modelling grinding and separation procedures, our specialists will determine the most efficient and economical way of processing your material…
SRK's metallurgists and mineral processing engineers select samples and interpret test data.
SRK overcomes the challenges of extracting ore from different deposit types by examining mineralogical and metallurgical characteristics. Our experienced team of metallurgists and mineral processing engineers will help you select representative ore samples for your customized testwork program. Some of these samples will be used to evaluate the expected variability...
metallurgy flow sheet design diagram
The foundation for superior process design is sound deposit understanding and comprehensive testwork. SRK’s metallurgists are experienced in designing and conducting rigorous test procedures for both greenfield and existing operations. Based on analysis of the test results, we develop robust, cost-effective process plant flowsheets for all stages of your extraction...

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Designing gold project flowsheets

 Designing Gold

It has been said that gold was one of the first metals to be mined. As deposits with free, coarse gold were depleted and the volume of mining increased, process flowsheet design became more and more complicated. Read More…

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